Yella and the Feeling Flower -

Catching feelings is harder than you think, but when your friend grows wings and you meet a Vegetable King, anything is possible…

 “Everybody should see it. All ages, all genders, you could show it to anyone and we would all take something away”

Kerry Ritchie, ABC Producer, Back Roads 2020

Yella and the Feeling Flower is a journey into the world of emotions – how to find them, name them and keep them safe – even the yukky ones.

Created with a team of early childhood development professionals and the support of VicHealth, this show explores emotional literacy in an original, heartwarming and clever story that features a culturally diverse cast and a collection of beautiful songs in English and Samoan.

The creative team consists of award-winning playwright and director Jolyon James (Robot Song), choreographer Michael Ralph, Samoan actor Michael Logo and writer/performers Bridget a’Beckett and Sharni Page.

We hope The Empathy Project can be useful for families to give children tools for managing and expressing their feelings and provide parents a relatable way to talk to children about the very important information they need to understand.

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