The Empathy Project - New 2020 Show! -

Full of new friends, songs and feelings, this show helps kids understand the complex world of emotions.

Thanks to VicHealth, we have created a musical theatre show and 4 week educational resource that addresses emotions and self-regulation in an entirely original way to gets kids laughing, thinking and most importantly, expressing. We have plans to tour to theatres and schools nationwide… but first, let’s address COVID-19. Because empathy is about reaching out to others – we want to check in with your kids and give them a way to connect through this difficult time.


Over the next six months Musical Sprouts aim to create songs, videoclips and online workshops for children that respond to, and explain in simple terms, what is happening in our community due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with a focus on emotions.

We hope The Empathy Project can be useful for families to give children tools for managing and expressing their feelings and provide parents a relatable way to talk to children about the very important information they need to understand.

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