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Online Theatre Show + workshop series for primary schools

Australian Curriculum

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  • The Arts – Drama, Music
  • Personal & Social Capability
  • Critical & Creative Thinking

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The Empathy Project will be ready for release in Dec 2020. You can book the program now by filling your details below and we’ll get in touch.


    • A more engaged, collaborative and connected classroom
    • A kit of fun ‘tools’ that children (and teachers) can use to find solutions for the classroom, playground and daily challenges of life at school with each other.
    • A wider vocabulary for feelings
    • A greater understanding of body language, self-expression and stepping into the shoes of the other
    • A stronger understanding of the impact of creative decision making and critical thinking on learning and respectful relationships
    • The benefit of students exploring and bridging the gap between SEL and SWPBS using the Arts.

    The Empathy Project will be available on Vimeo. You will have access to the following:

    Two versions of the show Yella And The Feeling Flower

    Whole: 1 x 55min
    Segmented: 4 x 14min segments

    Eight video workshops
    Teacher Notes
    Artwork templates
    List of materials required
    Six songs including one choir arrangement

    A professional development session for teachers is recommended prior to implementing the project in your school.

    Teachers are required to watch a short video before delivering the workshops, and there are notes you can follow as the project progresses.

    Your primary role is helping the children follow the instructions on the videos. Sharni and Bridget can support you via live zoom sessions during the workshop process.

    Yes! Sharni and Bridget can support your students via Zoom during the workshop sessions. There is a small additional fee to cover their time but their presence means you can ask questions and receive instructions specific to your students.

    Teachers will be introduced to a range of creative tools for behaviour management that are introduced in the show and explored further in the workshops. With a set of easy-to-find props, The Empathy Project can equip teachers with new solutions for helping children understand the impact of their behaviour on themselves and others.

    Yella and The Feeling Flower will be in theatres late 2021. Your students will be invited to attend to experience the wonder of live theatre with characters they know and relate to.

    The Empathy Project is designed to work for Foundation – Grade 6 students. We suggest a whole school approach works best but we are happy to work with you to find a model that suits. Please get in touch so we can discuss options.

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