A Day In The Life Of You in Melbourne 2019 -

Three friends help each other navigate the challenges of growing up. 

Come and visit the Musical Sprouts in their garden and help them coax Yella through the challenges of breakfast, brushing teeth, going to the toilet without falling in, and cleaning up.

Full of themes of independence and belonging, this show has delightful characters, catchy songs, fun-filled audience participation, live instruments and dance.

Funny, heart-warming and educational, this children’s show is written for intelligent children that are curious about the world they live in. Grown-ups love it just as much as their children!

Join the Sprouts for 50 mins of delight where we engage with your child from beginning to end (and give you some reprieve – we get it, we’re mothers too!)

Ages 2 – 6


“This show will delight and ignite the imaginations of children. Brilliantly entertaining!” 


Melbourne Observer

“Their individual performances and music are brilliantly entertaining and as a musical parent, I’m thrilled and grateful to see fantastic talent putting on wonderful, high quality concerts for young children to devour.”

Melbourne Observer, 2019

“I wish it could have gone forever Mummy”

Sybilla, 4 yr old

“It is an absolute gift of a show that allows children to be immersed in song, dance, music and storytelling”

Verity Hunt-Ballard, Australia’s Mary Poppins