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Hello! Bridget here. I’ve got a secret to spill…but blog posts require time. So this is what’s in it for you.

Ask an early childhood expert your parenting question today.

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Bridget explains the question process.

“Empathy is seeing with the eyes of another, listening with the ears of another and feeling with the heart of another.” – Alfred Adler

(deep breath) We are so chuffed to announce that the Musical Sprouts are creating a new theatre show that will explore the foundations of empathy in little people!

With the support of VicHealth and City of Yarra Children’s Services, we will be teaming up with experts in child development and spending a year researching the best ways to teach emotional skills to children. Then we’ll be putting what we learn to music, into a podcast and ultimately a theatre show that we hope will be magical and USEFUL for children and their grown-ups.

TEAM (from left): Sharni Page, Nichola Marriott, Bridget a’Beckett, Bridget Knol, Julia Davis

Phew. OK now I can breathe again. I’ve been sitting on that news for 2 months, jittery with excitement like a child with their first secret. VicHealth wanted to break the news first because we are part of their bigger plan to tackle gender inequality through the arts.

Plant the empathy seed and the gender lens will sprout, right? RIGHT.

“But hang on” says speech therapist Bridget Knol. “Little children are too young to learn empathy skills.”

ProcesseSpeech Pathologist Bridget Knol

We know! We only use the word empathy when we talk to adults so you can picture our end goal 10 years down your child’s developmental track.

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So how do we talk all things empathy with children aged 2 – 8?


Sharni, can you please put on your psychodrama hat and… heeelllllp?!

Sharni Page – psychodramatist and Musical Sprout

Sharni: “Easy! We don’t talk.”

Me: Huh?

Sharni: We DO. We CREATE. We ROLEPLAY. We STEP INTO SOMEONE ELSE’S SHOES. Because when we get the whole body involved, the brain remembers. And the child enjoys!

Cool. That sounds fun.

Nichola. “Hang on ladies. We can’t do any ‘stepping’ until our kids learn how to control their emotions in the heat of the moment.”

Nichola Marriott – Pedagogical Leader Family and Children’s Services, City of Yarra Council

We know Nichola. That’s why we’ve got you, Sharni and Bridget on board. You’re our experts. TICK.


Julia: “So we’re laying the foundations for empathy later in life by finding creative ways to help children regulate emotions, recognise feelings in themselves and others and step into another’s shoes?”

Me: Yep!

Julia: But where does music come into it?

Me: Everywhere! Through the year when the experts give us a seed of wisdom, we plant it in the Land of The Sprouty Sprouts…

Julia: …and watch new songs grow!

Me: Which will then become a theatre show that children love and parents trust.

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Nichola: “Not ambitious at all. You’re all mothers of small children aren’t you?”

Sprouts: Yes.

Nichola: “Bwahahahahah”

Me: “Hey Nich, want to practise some empathy skills and do some babysitting?” 😉

It takes a village to raise a child. And it takes creativity to make change. Join our village of Sprouts, experts and parents (you) as we spend a year exploring what it takes to raise nice humans.

We’ll be:

  • Inviting YOU to ask our experts a parenting question
  • Making a podcast
  • Creating a theatre show
  • Inviting our subscribers to the VIP opening in June 2020!

To spread the excitement, we have a VERY special offer. A chance to ask our early childhood experts a question about your child.

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