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PARENTS! Be part of our podcast and get a free consultation with Sharni

Are you feeling brave? This is Sharni here. I’m so happy you’ve connected with me. Musical Sprouts would love your input!  

We are creating a podcast as part of our Empathy Project funded by VicHealth for parents and carers of young children. We are looking for parents who would be comfortable exploring a challenge they are facing raising their kids, by working with me psychodramatically.

We would then talk about the learnings and surprises discovered in the drama, with me in an interview afterwards. This will be the basis of our podcast. It is called Walking the Talk, and I am really looking forward to how this podcast will benefit you on your parenting journey. Is it always reassuring to know you are not alone in the challenges you face and this podcast will encourage a sense of empowerment and allow your parenting instincts to be front and centre, not to mention having some fun along the way.

I value the importance of the relationship between parent and child, and I believe in the active process to gain deeper insight, self discovery and practical strategies for you try in the future. The foundation of this process is all about taking on the perspective of the other, and from there, fresh ideas can emerge. How great is that?

I am looking to run this as a one day workshop in Melbourne, and if you would like to participate, you will come for the full day. I look forward to meeting you!

Hello! This is Bridget dropping in here. I’m going to tell you the things Sharni won’t because she’s too humble. She is brilliant at what she does. Not many people know what psychodrama is – it sounds very intense – like a crazy actor, and who needs any more of those right?! But Denise, (in pic above,) described Sharni’s process as problem-solving in role. Taking every aspect of your life and laying it out in front of you so you can uncover what’s really going on beneath.

This opportunity to work with Sharni is SO special, and even more so if you get a group of friends and do it together. So jump in! You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

I’m interested!

Please send me more info about this opportunity