A Day In The Life of You

Their songs are musically complex, beautiful, and totally catchy!  Melbourne Observer

The Musical Sprouts have a show to do but Yella is nowhere near ready! She’s still in her PJ’s. her teeth are dirty, she hasn’t had breakfast, the floor’s a mess and there’s  a toilet with a huge hole that could swallow her up, bottom first!

Join Reddy and Blueno as they help Yella tackle the challenges of growing up with song, comedy and dance. Musically sophisticated, funny and entirely relevant to families with young children, this show celebrates the small wins in the adventure of growing up.  

  • 45 mins / Ages 2 - 6
  • Theatre (indoor & outdoor)
  • Schools
  • Festivals

Our audience says....

"I wish it could have gone forever Mummy"

- Sybilla, 4 yrs

"A gift of a show that immerses children in song, dance, music and storytelling”

- Verity Hunt-Ballard, (Mary Poppins)

I’m thrilled and grateful to see fantastic talent putting on wonderful, high quality concerts for young children to devour.”

- Melbourne Observer


Celia Wordsworth 
P: 0433 276 198